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Find out how Web Design To You can help your small business's online identity through our four step design, development, hosting and maintenance process today.

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What do we have that the others don't?

Web development has existed for years, it isn't a new service, but we aim to offer new and unique opportunities to all types of businesses. We can offer you the following:

Small Business Pricing

Small Business Pricing

Our plans start at $0 down, and as low as $125 monthly. We aim to cater to all businesses.

SEO Optimization

Google Lighthouse Optimized

Creating a website is more than choosing colors. We optimize our sites to improve your chances of being found by doing the technical things right.

Small Business Attitude

A Small Business Attitude

This is a one man band. There is no profit sharing or vacation homes, just someone who understands the drive to succeed in their niche.

Multi-platform Responsiveness

Tablet and Smartphone

Why should your site only be functionable on a computer? All of our sites are programmed to be as great on phones, tablets and more.

Hand-Written Code


Do you have a preferred platform such as Wix, Weebly or Wordpress? We can work with that. Otherwise, Bootstrap can be used to make you a website with a little more customization.

Hands-On Experience

A Hands-On Experience

Do you have a vision? We would love to bring it to life. Busy and want to give feedback on our ideas instead? We can do that too.

Some Of Our Work

Wise Canine Training LogoOFIS Furniture

Ask us the stories behind some of our projects. Each one brought a unique challenge, different vision and personalized goals for each business owner.

Are you ready to evolve your website?

More To Unpack

There is plenty more to unpack

There are many more benefits to our monthly web development plans such as:

No Minimum Length Contracts
Monthly edit hours included
Hosting included
Maintenance included

How Did We Get Here?

Web Development has always been a passion for me. I have messed with web-builders and drag and drop web builders for about half of my life. Having a vision and bringing it to life is something incredibly special to me and this is just the right realm to do that. I wanted to go beyond the tools that everyone could use and the designs every other website put to use, and that started my journey into using frameworks such as Bootstrap to add customization to projects.  A carpenter wants to work with carpet, a mechanic wants to work on cars, a web developer handles their website so they can focus on day to day operations.